Our Mission Statement:

We are called to love, worship, and serve as we seek to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Sunday School

Nursery I - Ages 0-2 - Minnie Alvis & Shirley Lewis

Nursery II - Ages 2-3 - Karen Richardson

Basic biblical messages are taught, setting the foundation for more advanced learning.

Sara Beth Jarvis Class - Ages 3-5 - Sheryl Flory

Short stories and fun projects that relate to the weekly lectionary from the worship service.

Elementary I - Grades K-2 - Michele Ferguson & Marcia Powers

Discover the Bible one chapter at a time, starting with Genesis. Lessons are presented as stories from the Bible. Students create their own Bible with pictures that represent the stories they learn.

Elementary III - Grades 3-5 - Nancy Gregory

Study individual Bible scripture for the first part of their class, and then talks about the scripture with their classmates. They discuss church discipline and traditions and work on special projects.

Middle School - Grades 6-8 - Becky Bruce

We are learning about the history, doctrine and practices of the church as we prepare the students for faithful living.

High School - Grades 9-12 - Norma Rowe

This class focuses on the difficulties that teens often face, and faith-driven ways to deal with these difficulties amid rapidly changing social trends.

Young Adults - Mary Simonsen & Pat Clark

A relaxed and participatory class exploring issues of faith and who we are as Christians.

Explorers - Adults - Team Taught

A relaxed and participatory class exploring issues of faith and who we are as Christians.

Harris Class - Middle Adults - Julie Dauksys

This class explores shared life experiences and Christian living.

Wright Class - Middle Adults - Team Taught

This class explores various writings and teachings. Some lessons come from the Bible, others come from Christian education sources or from top selling books on Christian living.

Yates Class - Middle-Senior Adults - Jack & Gail Anderson

This class offers an eclectic mixture of topics, relating to the Bible and how daily challenges relate to biblical messages. The class often studies the works of authors like James White.

Sanctuary Class - Senior Adults - Jane White

This class uses the “Adult Bible Study” book, and studies what the Bible says, and what it means to the class members. Everyone is welcome.

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We Are AED Equipped

We have two AEDs. One is upstairs near the office. One is downstairs in the Fellowship Hall. The Automated External Defibrillator (AED) requires no training to use. An electronic voice prompts the user step by step.

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