Our Mission Statement:

We are called to love, worship, and serve as we seek to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Gum Spring UMC Servants for 2019:

To reach our church staff, please feel free to call the church phone number, (804) 556-3494, or via e-mail: Office@GumSpringUMC.org

The leaders of our four ministry areas serve four-year terms. These terms are structured so that each leader serves their first year as Assistant Coordinator, then as Coordinator for two years, then as Assistant Coordinator for one more year. Each leader's term overlaps for two years with his predecessor and successor.

The components of hospitality include: Welcoming all into God's ministry, Greeting and Congregational engagement, Orientation and fellowship for newcomers, Communication and training about hospitality.
Coordinator (4yr rotation) : Nancy Talmage
Asst. Coordinator (4yr rotation) : Dottie Reynolds
Coffee and Donut Ministry : Judy Guild
Compassion Dinners : Bobbie Mayhew
Comfort Meals : Nita Pryor
Comfort Cards : Gilda Jones
Greeter Organizer : Nancy Talmage
Historian : Patty Melvin
Hospitality at Home : Team, SS Classes, UMW, Youth
Kitchen Supplies : Dottie Reynolds
Kitchen Organizer : Dottie Reynolds
Nursery Organizer : Sheryl Flory
Outreach : Delores Hawk
Photographer :
Seniors' Ministries : Dottie Reynolds
Welcome Center : Nancy Talmage
- Ad hoc members are welcome -
The components of faith development include: Christian Education and Formation, Bible Studies and Small Group Explorations, Age-Level Ministries, Communication and Training about faith developmant.
Coordinator (4yr rotation) : Michele Parrish
Asst. Coordinator (4yr rotation) : Sarah Powers
Sunday School Coordinator : Jolene Smutz
Children's Ministries : Michele Parrish
Family Ministries : Michele Parrish
Librarian : Patti Royster
Membership Secretary : Barbara Allen
Sunday School Registrar : Frankie Jones
Vacation Bible School (VBS) : Michele Parrish
Youth Leader : Erin Halye
Youth Dinners Organizer : Nancy Gregory
-Ad hoc members are welcome-
The components of worship and prayer include: Worship (logistics, arts, new services), Lay Speaking Ministries, Prayer in Christian Life and Worship, Communication and Training about worship and prayer.
Coordinator(4yr rotation) : Monti Brooking
Asst. Coordinator(4yr rotation) : Beth Chamberlain
Acolyte Organizer : Jamie Beatty
Bell Chior Director :
Children's Church : Whitney Frey
Children's Pageants : Jamie Beatty
Children's Sermon Speaker : Pastor
Seasonal Decorations : Wright Class
Communion Preparation : Tim & Patti Royster, Linda Dewar
Lay Speakers : TBD
Liturgists : Monti Brooking
Music Director : Susan Duty
Prayer Organizer : Mary Simonsen
Usher Organizer : Steve O'Meara
Flower Coordinator : Cara Perkins
-Ad hoc members are welcome-
The components of mission, service and witness include: Mission trips, Evangelism, Prayer Shawls, Angel Food.
Coordinator(4yr rotation) : Mark Chamberlain
Asst. Coordinator(4yr rotation) : Linda Vasquez
Christmas Families : Becky Bruce
District Conference Rep. : Monti Brooking
Evangelism :
Hermitage : June Taylor
Prayer Shawls : Joanne Wilcox
UM Family Services Rep. : Phyllis Crow
Westview Rep. :
UMW Rep. : Dianna Patton Thomas
Work Projects : Linda Dewar, Eston Pruden
Youth Representative : Erin Halye
Mission Friends : Jamie Beatty
Wonderful Wednesday Community Feasts : Linda Dewar
-Ad hoc members are welcome-

The Board of Trustees is the legal guardian of church property. It is responsible for legal issues such as insurance and contracts. The chair is elected at the January meeting.
Chair : Eston Pruden
Members : Janet Brooking, Kevin LaRue, Marcia Powers, Eston Pruden, Pam Richardson, Ricky Rowe.
ex officio voice & vote : Council Chair, Pastor(no vote), Lay Leader, Lay Member.
The Trustees have several committees to oversee the physical property:
Buildings and Grounds : Richard Allison, Dale Hawk
Parsonage : Doris Wiltshire, Bart Thrasher
Cemetery : Jean Wiltshire, Jim Neufer
Cleaning Coordinator : Sue Sheridan
Trustees Meetings are generally held on the first monday each month.
The Finance Committee oversees financial aspects of the church, from budget and spending, to collections and fiscal policy.
Chair : Dianna Patton Thomas
Vice-Chair : Beth Hildebrand
Treasurer : Sharon Driscoll
Bookkeeper : Contractor
Financial Secretary : Bonnie Dean
Financial Data Steward : Darryl Smutz
At Large : Rhu Harris and R.W. Pryor
ex officio voice & vote : Council Chair, Pastor, Lay Leader, SPRC Rep, Trustee Rep.
This group consist of the Youth Leader, One (1) Youth Member (selected by the youth leader), Youth Dinner Scheduler, and six (6) at-large adults
Youth Leader : Erin Halye
Youth Member : "selected by Youth Leader"
Youth Treasurer : Nancy Gregory
Dinner Scheduler : Nancy Gregory
At—Large : Sheryl Flory, Whitney Frey, Cristal Hall, Bobbie Mayhew, Michele Parrish, Brad Parker
ex officio voice & vote : Council Chair, Pastor, Faith Development Coordinator or Assistant. Term runs August to August (overlaps meeting in August).
In a way, the SPPRC is the Human Resource Development of the church. The SPPRC works to build relationships among members of the congregation and teh staff that are most effective for accomplishing the mission and purpose of the church.
Chair : Sara Thrasher
Members : Margaret Allison, Deb Black, Marsha Harding-Nutt, Jet Thomas, Sara Thrasher, Jeff Walter
ex officio voice & vote : Administrative Council Chair, Pastor, Lay Leader, Lay Member.
Pastor : Rev. Dan Kim
Music Director : Susan Duty
Administrative Assistant : Christine Miles
Youth Director : Erin Halye
Director of Children's Ministries : Austen Hecker
This group is reaponsible for developing leadership in the Church. Most importantly the committee develops a slate of nominations to fill the various positions on committees and ministry areas. The pastor chairs this committee.
Chair : Pastor
Members : Deb Black, Estelle Pruden, Courtney Rowe
ex officio voice & vote : Asst. Coordinators of; Hospitality, Faith Development, Worship and Prayer, Mission Service and Witness.
This Council is the coordinating body of the church. The council develops policy and vision for the ministry of the Church.
Council Chair : Guy Kimmerly
Vice-Chair : Mike Melvin
Lay Leader : TBD
Lay Member : Jim Worley
Recording Secretary : Susan Bennett
Treasurer : Sharon Driscoll
Young Adult Rep. :
Youth Rep. :
ex officio voice & vote : The Chair or a Representative of SPPRC, Finance, Trustees, UMW, Pastor, all ministry coordinators and assistant coordinators.
Administrative Council Meetings are generally held each month and are open to all church members.

Our mailing address is:
191 Cross County Rd
Gum Spring VA, 23065

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We Are AED Equipped

We have two AEDs. One is upstairs near the office. One is downstairs in the Fellowship Hall. The Automated External Defibrillator (AED) requires no training to use. An electronic voice prompts the user step by step.

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